About Clarendon International Education

Clarendon International Education was founded in the UK more than twenty years ago and rapidly became one of Britain’s most highly respected guardianship agencies.

The Clarendon guardianship agency has a thorough knowledge of independent boarding school and university education in the UK and good contacts in Europe.

Clarendon offers parents complete reassurance that they and their children will have the personal care and attention of a totally committed, experienced and professional organisation, with excellence as its keynote.

Clarendon is one of the original three founder members of AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students.

Clarendon is proud that the most respected universities and colleges recommend Clarendon to their younger students who require guardianship.

Our Team

Clarendon is fortunate to have outstanding support from its professional colleagues and associates.

They visit children in schools, attend parent-teacher meetings and happily accompany children and parents to school open days or interviews. They have a wealth of academic and pastoral experience and are much loved by our students. Clarendon staff and associates bring a unique understanding and strength to guardianship and wish all the international children and young people in their care to have the very best standards of guardianship and education.

Danice Iles

Danice Iles spent most of her teaching career in boarding schools; a mathematician, she was a teacher and Housemistress at a prestigious girls’ school and then the Headmistress of one of the oldest independent schools for girls in the country. As a former inspector for the Government’s Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED), a reporting inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), and also a school governor, she is very well informed about the important issues and aspects of education in the UK.With her additional experience in the Foreign Office and European education, Danice has the ideal background and knowledge to assist and advise international parents and children. Michael Iles, Danice’s husband, is also a mathematician, an experienced educationalist and an Associate Director of Clarendon. Danice and Michael live in Royal Leamington Spa in central England, have a home in Edinburgh, and a base in London.

Maria Gladysheva

Maria, a Business Enterprise graduate, was herself in Clarendon guardianship throughout her boarding school days in Oxford and never lost touch during her university years.

Maria visits children in schools, attends parent-teacher meetings and accompanies children and parents on school placement visits. She is an important link for our Russian-speaking students and parents, in particular.

Rachael Williams

Rachael is a key member of staff; an expert administrator, she is at the centre of all communications. Rachael has a background in hotel management and is a qualified cognitive behavioural therapy counsellor with an active interest and continued training in Teenage Mental Health.

Clarendon Families

Clarendon provides carefully selected and caring families from professional backgrounds who will warmly welcome young people into their homes for short breaks, and also give them support and encouragement in their education.

Our Clarendon families all undergo criminal record checks, and are further checked through their Local Safeguarding Children Board.

England International Student Guardian Families

​Would you be interested in becoming a Clarendon Host Family?

Clarendon provides carefully selected and caring families from professional backgrounds who will warmly welcome young people into their homes for short breaks, and also give them support and encouragement in their education.


A Registrar of one of the country’s leading schools recently said:
“Clarendon is simply the best guardianship organisation in England.”

A Housemaster wrote saying:
“I know no other organisation as caring and professional as Clarendon. Their staff visit my pupils regularly and attend Parents’ Meetings. It is this personal service that really marks Clarendon out.”

An education officer at an Embassy described Clarendon as:
“The best guardianship organisation in the world.”


The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students – AEGIS – was set up almost twenty years ago by a small group of guardianship agencies in an endeavour to ensure quality in guardianship.

International Student Guardian Oxford

It had the support of all the schools’ professional associations, including the Boarding Schools’ Association and it received a government grant to enable its foundation.

Clarendon has supported AEGIS from the very first meeting of three for- ward-thinking guardianship organisations determined to promote best and legal practice in the care of international students. Danice has been involved from the outset in the planning, writing and development of the Accreditation Framework, in addition to training inspectors.

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