Welcome to Clarendon

Clarendon is a long established and accredited organisation offering prestigious educational guardianship and consultancy.

Our aims are to safeguard the welfare and happiness of international children and young people, and to provide the highest quality of care, support and guidance.

With a wealth of experience of working in partnership with parents and their agents, and of UK and European boarding schools, colleges and universities, we offer a very personal and highly caring, professional guardianship and consultancy service, which has an international reputation for excellence.

We are very privileged to have the trust and confidence of so many international parents who place their children in our care, and we were delighted when one described Clarendon as “a unique international family”.

Clarendon gives young people experienced support and encouragement in their education and happy, secure homes in carefully selected and caring families who will welcome young people into their homes for half-term holidays and weekend breaks when their boarding school is closed.  In addition, we give parents around the world peace of mind, in the knowledge that Clarendon offers them and their children a friendly, understanding, round-the-clock contact and service.

Clarendon truly helps to bridge the gap between home and school.